What our customers say about us

We are concerned about caring for patients and educating people with our aaccumulated knowledge. This act enlivens our total well – being.

The following are what our customers say.


Lewisham, South East London England

I wish to praise God based on the healing he gave me through the hand of I.R.A Care International. I was formerly tormented with bad dreams and sleepless night, it got to a stage that I thought I was going to die, but to the glory of God, I was miraculously healed through his servant when he made special prayers and anointed water for me. I am now a normal human being and living a normal life..


Shomolu Bariga, Lagos

I thank God who used I.R.A Care International for me when my business collapses. Our sheik, the true servant of God prayed for me and gave me some verses of Quran to use, today my business is revived and my family are living a good life..


Greenwich, South East London England

Help me thank God who through I.R.A Care International healed my family members of various ailments and torments from witches and wizard who almost killed my wife and children. I give all thanks to God..

Mr. Alamu

Oke Ado, Ibadan

To God be the glory. I am a student who had been looking for admission into Higher Institution for quite sometimes, but when my parents tooks me to I.R.A Care International, They made some prayers for me and also gave me some victory solutions which I faithfully used, today I am a 300 Level student of one of the leading universities in Nigeria.


Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario Canada

I am a 55 years old London based businessman, I have not been able to have a wife to live with me for some spiritual reasons beyond me, but when I consult I.R.A Care International during their CEO's visit to the United Kingdom, he prayed for me and also gave me some prayer items which I used. Today, I am happily married with a baby boy.



Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin

I am an ardent atheist who does not believe in Allah or any God or gods, but my life has been full of disappointments especially on the issue of my travelling to the United Kingdom on that fateful day, my twin brother called me from America and told me to receive prayer from the I.R.A Care International (Sheik Ayafoloun) , when he prayed for me on phone from America, I did not belief in his prayers but at exactly one month after his prayers through phone from America, I was given a 6 month visiting visa to the U.S.A.


New York U.S.A.

I give God all the glory through his servant, I.R.A Care International whom he used to heal me of a terminal disease which had been adversely affecting my life for the past ten years.

 Name withheld

Address withheld

I am a notable Politician in this western part of Nigeria, I have been in the race for quite a while but without any remarkable political office, but some years back when I met with I.R.A Care International, my story changed.