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Herbal Medicine
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Psychotherapy and systematic approach to health by addressing every nitty-gritty of your needs.

Herbal Medicine

We are functionalists when it has to do with issues related to herbal medicine. We provide an organized and systematic approach to health issues.

If you are looking for guidelines and guidance in terms of making wise and good diet and supplement choices, need assistance in solving chronic pain or illness or you just want to keep in place your health . you are at the right place. We are humbly put in position to render your issues null and void.

Our practice is based on a customized approach, which is founded on the idea that everyone is different and needs individual diet and lifestyle advice. Your body , at different times, needs different things. For example in times of stress body systems can go out of balance and need extra support. If you have been eating badly, you may benefit from additional nutrients. If you’ve had a recent illness, there are chances whereby you can get treated. Your day – to – day living habits will affect your needs for food and nutrients, if all these are being taken care, this will lead to living a fulfilled and balance life.

Our concern is to understand and see to imbalances that are the major causes of many common health problems.

Frequently Asked Questions


is also known as phototherapy or botanical medicine. It is one of the earliest and widely used systems of medicine administration. It is the practice or means of making or prescribing plant based herbal remedies for medical conditions

Your first appointment is typically a comprehensive 22 minutes consultation. During this visit, we will discuss your health issues and address any questions bothering you about herbs, nutrition, supplements and healing processes. You might be asked about some questions that are not really closely related to the main complaint. This will be done in order to deduce some unknown facts from you which will help us to get to the root of the problems. For instance, your emotional life, sleeping patterns, eating habits and other life style factors. Although treatment will focus on your main complaint, your total well-being will be considered in order to develop the best course of treatment. After this consultation, we will find out the problem or issue and develop a treatment plan which we will put into practice at your 2nd visit.
There is no specific answer to this question. It majorly depends on the individual and on the nature of the illness. The nature of illness precisely determines the nature of treatment and the time limit. As a general guideline, you can expect to see some improvement within two to three weeks and to have worthwhile and significant results within two to three months (depending on the ailment). It is important to note that herbs are only a part of the therapeutic protocol – attention to diet, exercise and lifestyle. These needed attentions are essential which will work hand – in – hand in order to have an effective healing and treatment


Why do we all need herbs and supplements?

We all know our bodies need nutrients to function properly. Assuming we all eat a perfect, organic and balanced diets and were not exposed to toxins and pollutions, emotional stresses, problematic health issues etc., then there would be no need for supplements and herbs.
However, anyone is yet to meet these criteria and it is an impossible task who cannot deal with. But how do we know which nutrients we need and the quantities needed?
We all need nutrients in large quantities and sufficient qualities than we are getting from our daily diets. We are being deprived of some basic requirements due to various forms of pollutions.
Supplements make up for the dietary deficiencies and inadequacies and genetic predispositions and allow us to consume the necessary amount of nutrients without requiring us to eat unrealistic amount of certain foods.

How do i pay for the products and services rendered?

There are basically two modes of payment.
They are:

  • Cash deposit
  • Online payment

Any one you prefer is acceptable by us.


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Online School, Psychotherapy and Herbal Medicine can see to issues pertaining to the following

Blood sugar Regulation

Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, Insulin, Resistance


Cardiovascular Health

High Blood Pressure High cholesterol and General cardiovascular health related issue


Gastrointestinal Health

Gas Bloating Heartburn Constipation Diarrhea Indigestion Mal-absorption conditions etc.


Psychological disorders

Anorexia; nervous Schizophrenia Psychotic disorder Anti – social personality etc.


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Women’s Health

Breast cancer Hormonal imbalances PMS Menopause Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).



Insomnia, Chronic fatigue, Adrenal fatigue, Thyroid imbalances etc.


Allergies and Food sensitive

Any kind of food allergy and sensitivity